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We love seeing you and your dog succeed and will work with you to find what kind of training is best for you and your dog. Private lessons can be specialized into a program that will suit you and your dog's training needs.  Call us to schedule private sessions.


We will use private one on one training to teach you how to be your dog’s best friend while helping your dog become a safe, responsive, well-mannered member of the family.


Training technique: We use positive reinforcement to shape your dog into a well-behaved member of your family. 


Please call us at 905-582-8279 to inquire prices.



These are some of the classes and sessions we offer: 

* Private in studio dog training lessons- any issues you have, behavior modification 1 hour- $100

* Private Dog training sessions working on any issues your dog has, behavior modification, 1 hr for 4 weeks  

* Drop-in socialization sessions 


* Aggressive and Reactive dog rehabilitation


* Preparing your dog to meet your new baby


 5 weeks Comprehensive- Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced 

Covers: Sit, Loose Leash, Walking, Down, Come, Drop it, Leave it, take it, Auto looks, hand target, stay, wait for food, wait at the door, leash encounters, walking side by side, back up, food refusal, sit down from a distance, distractions, duration


 Call today to inquire about prices and  to sign up!

Training works best when you bring the whole family!






Oakville Mississauga Dog Training



  • Training Overview: An understanding of the training method, how to get the most out of the training, and training tools used in the curriculum (leashes, collars and treats).

  • Potty training, why accidents happen, how to help your pet suceed

  • Crate training

  • Socialization , Impulse control - it's your choice Teaching your dog to be calm. Not to jump/nip. Basic foundation for all training.


  • Sit Means Sit: Where your dog will "sit at heel" and remain seated until told to move.

  • Verbal Release: Where your dog will disengage from a given command and take a break.

  • Heeling: Where your dog will follow you with a loose leash, without pulling or sniffing.


  • Place - go to bed teaching your dog to go to his crate or to go to his bed. Place is a great command for your dog

  • when company comes over to visit. Out / leave it - getting your dog to let go of the toy from its mouth.


  • Loose leash walking. Teaching your dog to follow you and forget about other distractions.

    Right about turn. 


  • Recall (Come Command): Where your dog will come when called and sit in front of you.

  • Stand For Exam: Where your dog will stand while being groomed, bathed, or examined by a vet.


  • Final Review: A general review of all the training exercises taught.

  •  Official diploma.

  • Note: Each week, we will review what you've learned in the previous weeks.


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