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All you need to know  before and during your dogs vacation here at Winston and Friendz click on each link to learn more about our hours, arrival policies, what to bring, and health queries. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask us.

Hours, Arrival and Policies



Winston and Friendz adherence to the drop-off and pick-up rules is necessary to keep the experience stress-free for every dog. After a full day of exercise and play, and a good dinner, they are ready to settle in with their new best fur friends. If they are disturbed by after hour traffic, just like children, they think they are going home. This kind of disappointment can be very upsetting to you and your fur kid. Quiet, undisturbed evenings are crucial for a good nights sleep for every dog in residence.

Overnight Check-in times: 9 to 10:00 AM

Overnight Check-out times: 9 to 10:00 AM on day of departure
If you would like to Pick up your overnight dog up later than 10 AM you must apply an additional night fee to the end of your dogs stay.

This is a strict pick-up time.

*Reservations and Cancellations: Payment is required, in full, at the time of booking via Visa or Master Card. Once paid, the reservation is firm. There is no refund. Any early return or early pick up from boarding once  will not result in a refund or cerdit. 


We do this to avoid clients who cancel last minute or fail to show because a friend or family member offers to care for their pet. This may deprive another pet of a Winston and Friendz experience because we thought we were at capacity. The policy works because we have the BEST clients who want what is best for all fur-kids. We appreciate your understanding.

Please note we are not open on Christmas Day December 25th.

What To Bring With Your Pet

Food: Please bring your pets regular food and treats, no dishes or scoops. Use labelled plastic bags and/or pre-measured zip-lock bags, as they easily fit inside our storage areas. Do not send food or treats that you wish to have returned.

If there are any special instructions, note them on your profile page and on the zip lock bag.

We cater to all dogs diets including raw food but if you have any questions please contact us. All special diets should be easy for us to prepare and ideally portioned out prior to arrival.

Beds, Blankets, Bowls & Toys: Please do not bring them as things that smell like home may make your pet feel restless. Please leave beds, blankets and toys at home. Please do not bring your dogs food bowl. We have lots here and they are washed with disinfectant between uses.

Leashes & Collars: Please remember to take your pets collar and leash at drop-off time and bring them when you return at pickup time. Things that smell like home may make your pet feel restless.

Medications & Special Diets: Please do NOT put medication in your dogs food, as this can be dangerous. All medication must be clearly marked and instructions noted on your dogs profile.

Health Queries

Diarrhea: This can occur for many reasons, such as changes in water or food, and simply from excitement. Diarrhea is always a possibility when putting your dog in any facility and not a reflection of neglect, or our financial responsibility.

Ticks & Fleas: Most of our clients use Heart Worm prevention, which also covers fleas and ticks.

Parasitic Diseases: Our clients care about their pets, and use full veterinary preventative methods to keep them in good health. You should regularly test your dogs stools and blood for parasites, or keep them on vet-approved medications.


How do you judge a dog's temperament so you know if he/she is reactive or plays well with others?

Our business has specialized in accommodating dog guests whom we have never met before. We are very experienced in understanding different dogs, breeds and behaviours. If we see a new dog is perhaps too shy or giving us a questionable behaviour read we can start them in a smaller area. We can take our time and introduce him/her when they are ready to meet a compatible playmate, and help them integrate gradually into a larger play group.


Can my dog try it out?

We love to show how beautiful our property is and there is a large window in the reception area that people can watch the dogs in their dog parks and also see our beautiful glass door kennels where your dog will be sleeping and eating in. We think a big part of keeping our guests happy, secure and safe involves keeping them well back from visitors so we do not allow anyone to enter into the indoor dog park area.


Your pet is supervised 24/7 and gets lots of cuddles and attention to ensure that they will not feel lonely or stressed when you leave them with us.  

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