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Bring your Furry Friendz to Winston and Friendz for a worry-free experience while you focus on your work or go away on a much needed vacation! We specialize in providing top-notch boarding services for dogs and cats in our spacious and modern 11,000 square foot facility, located conveniently on the border of Oakville and Mississauga.

Situated on Royal Windsor Drive close  to Winston Churchill

Our facility offers a bright and welcoming atmosphere for your furry companion.

Save time and avoid long commutes to faraway boarding facilities by choosing our conveniently located facility for all your pet's boarding needs.

Winston & Friendz is renowned as a leading provider of pet services. Our range of professional offerings includes grooming services, doggie daycare, and a luxury pet kennel .Our establishment is widely recognized as the premier luxury kennel, boasting spacious glass door 20 sq foot kennels and an expansive 11,000 sq foot indoor dog park.


Our Founder and Owner, Sam Gerges, possesses over two decades of experience in the pet industry .

He humbly acknowledges and appreciates the trust given to our business by our valued clientele.




Sam, the owner/founder of Winston and Friendz, obtained his veterinary doctorate degree in Egypt in 2004. Immediately after, he served as a veterinary doctor responsible for the care of large animals on the Egyptian army's numerous farms, which produced dairy and meat products. Following the completion of his three-year officer term, he established a thriving small animal clinic in bustling Cairo, Egypt. In 2010, Sam embarked on a new adventure by immigrating to Canada, where he founded Winston and Friendz in 2009. Sam's gentle confidence enables him to earn the trust and admiration of every dog or cat he encounters.




In addition to our professional grooming and daycare services, we provide unparalleled boarding services for dogs and cats. As a veterinary doctor-owned and operated facility, our team comprises veterinary technicians and animal care attendants who specialize in delivering superior care and expertise. Our dedicated trainer is present at all times in the park area to assess and correct behaviour throughout the dog's stay.


Our 8,000 sq foot indoor dog park is  heated and air conditioned for optimal comfort. Tiled floors ensure that the facility remains free from unpleasant odours. Unlike other boarding facilities that utilize rubber flooring, which absorbs urine and bacteria from feeces and facilitates the spread of diseases, we maintain a clean and sanitary environment at all times.

Accidents are promptly attended to using pet-safe antibacterial cleaners, ensuring your pet's return to you in a healthy and well-cared-for condition.

Distinguishing ourselves from others in the industry, we are proud to offer large 20 sq foot luxury glass door kennels for dogs. These kennels provide a panoramic view of the park area, allowing your furry friend to indulge in the sights and activities.


Our indoor park features two expansive glass garage doors, allowing natural light to flood in without exposing the dogs to the elements of extreme cold or heat. Rest assured, your dog will be having a blast and enjoying their stay indoors with their fellow furry companions. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome your beloved pet to our facility.


"Dogs that have previously visited our facility exhibit great excitement upon their arrival. They eagerly anticipate playing and socializing with their furry companions. Our dedicated animal care attendants and staff provide abundant cuddles and love. However, at the end of their stay, while they are, of course, delighted to see their owners, our clients often share with us that their pets fall fast asleep shortly after saying their farewells and settling into the car. It's almost as if a switch is flipped, and they sleep peacefully for most of the journey home, just like a child returning from camp."



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