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Furry Friendz are Family at Winston and Friendz

"Give your pet a delightful homecoming with our professional grooming services! We offer a range of pampering options, including grooming, bathing, brush-outs, daily maintenance brushing, and nail-clipping. Whether you need a quick bath or want to schedule one during your pet's boarding stay, we'll ensure they leave smelling fresh and fabulous on their journey back home.

For the ultimate luxury experience, we also provide special spa services such as indulgent warm oil treatments and organic oatmeal baths. We even offer PETicure services for dogs, including nail clipping and toenail color applications. Rest assured, our certified groomer has been trained by top-notch instructors and specializes in grooming all breeds, paying close attention to hand scissoring for the face, feet, and tail, as well as professional layering to enhance the tail's appearance. Our spa treatments focus on removing dead fur from the root and exfoliating the skin to keep your pet's coat healthy and shiny.

In addition to catering to all breeds, we have particular expertise in working with Doodles, poodles, and golden retrievers, shaping their face to match their unique personality. Our range of shampoos includes a whitening option, perfect for wire coat Terriers, Westies, Bichons, and Maltese, effectively removing any yellow discoloration. To ensure your pet's coat is silky smooth, we use a detangling conditioner with a luxurious fragrance.

Rest assured, we utilize professional-quality, high-velocity blow dryers to gently dry your pet's coat from the root and straighten out any curls, leaving them looking incredibly fluffy. Your pet deserves to look and smell their best, and we're here to make that happen!"

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