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Have your pet going home smelling clean and fresh! We offer grooming, bathing, brush-outs, daily brushes, and nail-clipping services. Feel free to come on in for a quick bath, or schedule one during your boarding and we will bathe your pet on the morning of departure so they are smelling great on their way back home. We also offer luxury spa services such as warm oil treatments, and an organic oatmeal bath.


PETicure -nail clipping and toenail color applications for dogs now available.  


We offer a variety of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments. We have a certified groomer on staff, taught by award winning grooming teachers, specializing in all breeds, hand scissoring for face, feet and tails and professional layering for tails and spa treatment removing dead fur from the root and treatments loosening up the fur and removing the dead skin.


Along with all breeds, our specialties include : Doodles, more poodle, more golden, shaping the face, to match the personality.


Shampoo: We offer whitening shampoo, removing yellow discoloring, ideal for wire coat Terriers, Westies, Bichons, and Maltese.

Conditioner: detangling rinse with luxurious fragrance. 


We use professional quality high-velocity blow dryers: Blow drying from the root of the fur and straightening out the coat of the curly haired dog leaving them super fluffy.





(Specialize in the "lion" cut for cats)

Cats Bath Not Included in groom price; regular bath/Waterless bath extra

Grooming Includes:

Nail Clipping & Ear Cleaning

Luxurious Bath  

Blow Dry

Brush Out

Hair Cut 

*Extra Charge for Matted Animals depending on the breed

Extra Charge for Difficult Animals 


A La Carte


Just a Bath

Skunk bath extra Ask Groomer

Ask Groomer for Furminator Shed-Less Treatment: De-Shedding

Shampoo/Conditioner Treatment and 15 Minute Furminator Brush out

Will help to reduce shedding up to 90% and remove undercoat and loose hair and help condition and seal damaged coats



Anal Glands added on to grooming 

Anal Glands without grooming 

Just nails on its own  

Teeth Brushing  

Ear Cleaning  


Call to inquire for grooming prices

Oakville and Mississauga

Dog and Cat Grooming

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